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"Big or Small, We Trade All"

What Sets Us Apart From Others


With years of experience under the belt, Oriship has the capability to render services to anyone, no matter the commodity or the route!

100% satisfaction guaranteed! Here at Oriship we believe that there is nothing more important than premium quality products and services!

Interested already? Contact us now! Oriship always welcomes anyone and everyone to reach out to us with any inquiries at anytime!

“Putting our clients, services and commodity ahead of ourselves will always be the ultimate goal of Oriship"

- Tiny Ip





TEL: 86 75525180795

86 75525180770

86 75525180223

021 66283279

Room 1518, Shenzhen Kerry Centre, 
Renmin Road(S), Shenzhen, P.R.China

Oriship was founded in 2015 with an export license in China. The company has been focusing on trading of electronic goods, plastic products, metal parts, mechanical and electrical products, textiles, clothing and clothing accessories, craft grifts, furniture, grocery and construction materials……etc since. Based on the steady development of the foreign trading, our company is also developing a new project for the import and export of food and beverage in order to expand the trading market.


Oriship is adhering of the goodwill in the trading market and provision of all kinds of products with high standard of quality to our customers. Facing the keen competition of the trading environment, we will always keep service-oriented with continuous improvement of service quality. By creating the higher market value to our customers we have been building a good reputation in trading since the establishment of the company.


Our company strictly follows WTO rules and operates in accordance with the national regulations and laws, actively participates in regional economic cooperation. In recent years, our annual sales volume has reached USD1,000,000 and the company's development prospects and development are in good condition. In the future, our company will expand the scale of operations and stably develop the enterprise economy.

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